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Proposed Services

  • Process Analysis and Engineering
  • Task Modelling
  • Cataloguing and Classifications
  • Ontologies and Data Base Design
  • Technical Documentation
  • Functional Specifications
  • Reports on Standards
  • Project Management Systems
  • Information Flow and Retrieval Schemes
  • Interface Design (Zones, Widgets, Functions, not Graphical creation)

Buying Services

I sell Information Engineering services for companies and individuals on the basis of agreed case-by-case conditions. After having defined the specifications of the work to be done via email, phone or any other suitable communication media, I will issue a formal engagement and quote for the client to sign and return to me.

Be so kind as to contact me through to initiate talks about what you would like me to do for you. Further communication can take place via Skype, if you wish. My Skype ID is tanguyjardin.

Amounts under 1000 Euros should be payed directly on my Paypal account, by clicking on the Paypal button (if you have yourself a Paypal account) or on any Credit Card icon below. You will automatically receive a bill for the amount payed from Paypal.

Greater than 1000 Euros amounts should be sent to my bank account. Instructions for payment will appear on the quote.