About my work

Because of confidentiality engagements, I am unable to showcase most of the documentation, models or other material produced for business projects here. I dare to hope that the provided samples will be eloquent enough to portray my past and present activities.

The subjects and projects I work or have worked on share a common focus: the modelling of content driven by usability, upgradability and efficiency constraints. I have grouped projects and courses into this section, according to the following segmentation:

  • Interface Usability
  • Task Modelling
  • Data Models/Classification
  • Knowledge Management
  • Technical Documentation
  • System Design

Most of the contributions shown are en English. Some in French. By clicking on the title of each work mentioned, the related content will display.

As some of the work appearing in this section concerns more than one subject field (as for example “Interface Usability” and “Data Modelling”), it may happen that the same paper or project is linked to more than one domain. However, the provided abstract describes in what respect the linked source contributes to the field in which it has been included.

I purposely did not separate academic work from the outcomes of business projects. Keeping them together will hopefully prove that teaching, research and providing services to companies are, for me,  three different facets of the same endeavour, namely to put conceptual frameworks at the service of practical solutions.