System Design

Bus Service Management System

I contributed this work to a Vietnamese project in charge of TimGroup Vietnam (TimGroup France is a company I have created with 3 associates in Limoges and I have left in 2013).

The documents covers the different areas of management (services, sales, buss and driver availability). It builds on a concept system outlined in the Terminology section, on a data model and on a task model allowing to design a service search interface for travellers.

Kickoff Design for a Mobile Personal Assistance App

The described app is intended for disabled, elderly and children having a defined community of carers. Alerts are generated by accelerometer or directly issued by the person in care of a community.

Address Book  Desktop App Sample

This sample shows functional specifications as use-cases and product documentation of the resulting app. The aim of this example is to show the differences between the model translating into developer-documentation and  the one aimed at user-documentation. A comment on these appears on Page 3 of the user-documentation.

Modèles de tâches pour spécifications fonctionnelles

Présentation du fonctionnement du programmateur de température d’un bâtiment sous forme d’un modèle de tâches et de la traduction de ce modèle en une interface de pilotage du système.